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Social Media Automation Tools For Pro Realtors

June 12, 2017 | By Tracy Rock

We now know that 90% of customers start their search online and Facebook is one of their top sources. This statistics turns social media into an extremely important source of leads for any business.

As a realtor you are best at selling face-to-face and often you just don’t have the time to get on social media, post regularly and target the right local audience.

We know that feeling and we wanted to help optimize your social media presence while doing what you do best – selling real estate. That’s why we created a list of top social media automation tools that will save you time and make your life much easier.

Here we go!


1. Social Media Publishing Tools

Going through all of your social media accounts and posting every single day can be a challenge. Here are a few social media publishing tools that will make posting a breeze and less time consuming.

Platforms like Buffer and Sprout Social manage all of your social media accounts from one single place. You simply need to connect them all and start posting and scheduling.




2. Realtor Online Presence Tools

Do you find it difficult to manage your online presence? You know you need a website but you don’t have the time to build or manage one. You probably have a few social media accounts, too?

Here is a tool that can make the difference for you. HomeAdNet is an online platform for realtors designed to help them manage their web and social media content. Using HomeAdNet’s Feed you can monitor activity in your network, like and comment on posts, share content, check emails and receive notifications.

HomeAdNet has a Chrome extension, too.



Another very useful tool for online presence management is Paradym. This platform takes everything off your hands – from content creation to online distribution and leveraging your marketing effectively on every social media platform you want to be active.

3. Social Media Content Generator & Manager

We all know that added value content is key to a successful online marketing strategy. But it can often be time-consuming for a busy realtor like you. That’s why an online service like City Blast’s Client Finder is so helpful. What it does is generate value added content on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as often as you choose and helps you generate more buyers and sellers from your SM network.



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4. Connect With Your Leads On Social Media

As a realtor you probably have quite a long contact list with e-mails and phone numbers? But do you have those same people in your social media network? Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox and makes it easier to connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The app lets you see their activity on social media and recent posts.

This app is amazing because it is relationship management built into your email. For free.



5. Twitter Followers Management Tool

Here’s some social media muscle for Twitter. Especially if you are a realtor with a large following. ManageFlitter gives you the ability segment followers and followed accounts based on importance or activity, “white list” the contacts you can’t afford to ignore, or mass unfollow spam accounts.



6. Relevant Content Aggregator

Internet is flooded with information and it’s difficult to filter down the really important one and provide your customers with good content. That’s when Feedly comes in handy. This RSS aggregation tool shows you all of the latest posts and articles that matter to you and your audience. Pinpoint your must-read-content-from websites and blogs (e.g. National Association of Realtors, HGTV, etc.) and get started.

7. Facebook Competition Analyzer

How about a tool that analyses what your competition is posting on social media and the value it provides? LikeAlyzer does exactly that. It can provide an analysis on your social reach and growth and compare it with other agents and realtors in your area.



8. Pinterest Alert Tool

PinAlerts (acquired by Tailwind) is an amazing tool that alerts you via e-mail every time someone pins a photo of a home listing or open house event from your site. How great is that! So make sure you install the Pinterest plug-in on your website.

And here are two more amazing tools that will skyrocket your online marketing.

9. Video E-mail Marketing

BombBomb will take your e-mail marketing on a whole new level. What this software does is: firstly, it makes creating video messages super easy and secondly, it embeds the video message in your e-mail so that your prospects receive a much more personalized message – they can see your face and hear your voice. Amazing, right? We can predict a greater conversion rate. 😉



10. Find Online Listings Faster

RealSearch is a very convenient Chrome extension that allows you to find listings based on address search. You simply type in the location and the app will display all real estate listed in this area.




There are so many opportunities out there to optimize and automate your social media efforts. Just give a few of these tools a chance and see the difference!

11. Chatbot To Make Communication With Potential Clients Easier

How about a tool that will help you message potential customers on social media automatically. That’s exactly what Contact At Once does – a chatbot for real estate agents. It will help you engage people right away and keep the conversation flowing.



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There you go! You are ready to start optimizing and automating your work processes! Have fun while doing it!


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