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Keyword Hacks for Realtors to Find Home Sellers & Buyers on Social Media

June 12, 2017 | By Tracy Rock

Social media is a great place to start looking for potential homebuyers and sellers. But what if you’ve already tried that? And maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you can’t find the specific buyer persona you’re looking for in your city?

Well, not to worry, because we’re about to show you all the tricks to finding potential homebuyers and sellers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Let’s get on with it!

How to Search on Twitter

People tend to use specific keywords when posting about moving or looking for a new house. You can research and find out which exact words and hashtags potential homebuyers and sellers are using in their posts. This can take some time, but it’s worth it in the end.  


Which hashtags and keywords are homebuyers and sellers using on Twitter?

1.1 Start with a general hashtag, like #home or #house. Then, simply find a person (not a realtor’s profile or a real estate media profile) who has used this hashtag, and look through their profile. What you will find is that there are many other relevant and even more specific hashtags out there, like #buyingmyfirsthome, #movinghouse, #lookingforahouse, etc.





If you want to get more specific with location, try Twitter’s Advanced Search. It will filter down tweets to include only people who live in a specific city or state.




1.2 Research all relevant hashtags and see how other people are using them. This way, you will find conversations and people’s issues and questions. These are perfect opportunities for you to jump in with a comment and provide value by helping.  

If someone is looking for a house, you can let them know that you work as a realtor in their city and can help them find just what they need. If they have a question in your area of expertise, provide a solution. Leave them a comment, and ask them to contact you. Never try to sell; always try to help.




Keep in mind that you can also look for keywords (not only hashtags) and whole frases, such as “looking for a house”, “selling my house”, “selling my crib” etc.


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Here’s a list of hashtags potential home buyers and sellers are using on Twitter:































How to Search on Facebook

Facebook not only connects people; it also works as a search engine, through the Facebook Graph. Let’s take a look at the specific ways you can use it to find potential homebuyers and sellers.

2.1 Again, start with relevant hashtags. Try looking at things from home buyers and sellers’ perspective. What words and hashtags would they be using to post on Facebook?




Use the #movingto[city/state] hashtag. This way, you will find people who are moving to your city and probably already looking for a house or an apartment, or, at least, will be very soon.






2.2 Choose a specific location to find people who are looking for property in your city.




Also, narrow your search to a specific month during which people have posted. You will want to look through posts from the past one or two months, because people who posted several months ago may have already found a house.

Important: Try using hashtags and not keywords when you want to specify a location, because keyword search doesn’t have the location option.

You can search for posts, people and groups that have used the hashtags and keywords you are looking for.  



2.3 Find people who are in the process of looking for property, moving, or deciding. Then, join in in their conversations with a comment, or contact them personally on Messenger. Remember to never try to sell. Simply offer your help as an expert. Build a relationship first.



A post like this one is a great example of an opportunity. Look for posts like this one on a regular basis, and make the most of Facebook for your business.


Here’s a list of hashtags potential home buyers and sellers are using on Facebook:










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How to Search on Instagram

Since Instagram has no location filter, you can hardly find anyone using general hashtags.

That’s why your hashtags need to be very exact, like #movingtocalifornia or #buyingahouseinsanfrancisco. The search results will be fewer, but well-targeted. After all, that’s exactly what you need.




Then, look through different profiles to see what people are posting along with these hashtags. Pick potential buyers and sellers and engage with them in a comment, or send them a personalized message to offer help and assistance.

This post is a perfect example of how you can step in and offer your expertise in the most friendly way.




So, here are a few simple ways to find your new potential customers – right there on social media. Happy socializing! 😉


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