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How Pro Realtors Close Deals With Overseas Property Buyers

June 12, 2017 | By Tracy Rock

Today the world is more open than ever and the real estate industry is catching up quickly with the technological age we live in, which makes realtors face both challenges and endless opportunities, like the location of potential buyers.

The truth is realtors don’t have to rely solely on homebuyers based in their city or even their country. They can go beyond and market to customers from around the world.

But how does that work long distance? Well, we have technology to thank for making online deals much easier. Realtors no longer have to be present to have an open house event or close a deal. They can do that online and we’re about to show you what tools pro realtors use to effectively target overseas buyers who are looking to invest in real estate in the US.

# Tool 1: Virtual 3D Tours

Virtual 3D tours can help you give a walk-through the property remotely from anywhere in the world. It’s a great way to showcase a house – its interior, facilities, atmosphere, and size.

The stunning visuals will leave your potential customers impressed, inspired and with the feeling they have visited the place which is key in the decision making process.



You see, if you offer 3D virtual tours you are already one step ahead of your competitors, especially when it comes to buyers outside of the US. Moreover, statistics show that homes listed with digital showings are selling significantly faster than those without and that VR results in more business since it generates more views from interested buyers.

You can embed virtual 3D tour videos in your property website or use them strategically on social media to target potential homebuyers. Realtors share that using virtual 3D tours has resulted in over 700% more engagement compared to ordinary listings.

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# Tool 2: Augmented Reality

A real innovation in real estate marketing is the implementation of Augmented Reality. It works in a simple but brilliant way. Let’s say potential homebuyers from another country have your brochure or printed catalog. Well, Circle Visions’ augmented reality app makes your printed ads come alive with a video, it makes them interactive and captivating.



If you’ve been wondering what will make you really stand out – we’ve got two words “Augmented Reality”! It’s innovative, it’s mesmerizing and it works. As a realtor, you know the value of a first impression. Demonstrating AR is so memorable that it will leave your customers with a first impression they will hardly forget.

Circle Visions creates beautiful videos that that will play with AR. Our app is free and available on Google Play and iOS App store. Download it!



# Tool 3: Animation Reel

Want to show potential buyers the architectural value of the house you’re selling? Put Animation Reel in your real estate videos. Animation Reel will show the layout and flow of the home from all angles, stripping away one floor at a time. This fascinating animation will add immense value to your videos and will help you showcase property better that any of your competitors.

More and more homebuyers say that digital showings like AR are instrumental in their decision-making process.


# Tool 4: Aerial Videos

There is no question that a beautiful aerial video can get people intrigued and do a lot of the work for you. It can highlight all the beautiful aspects of a home, showcase the neighborhood and all of its best facilities and simply give potential buyers the feeling of a property and a city to fall in love with.



Use aerial videos with stunning exterior shots. Show the size of the house and the community area through mesmerizing aerial photography.

Again, use videos to engage people on social media and to place on your property website. Remember that real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without. And videos are the only way your overseas potential customers can get information about the house they are interested in.

# Tool 5: Chatbots

How many of you have faced the challenge of not being able to engage with an intrigued customer right away? A busy schedule and time difference can sometimes be a realtor’s enemy because it hinders instant communication.

That’s where Chatbots come in. They are automated responders that can start a conversation and keep it flowing until you step in. Using a chatbot like Contact At Once, ReplyYes or GrowBot can make your work so much easier – you can communicate from any part of the world and gratify potential buyers at any time of the day, from anywhere. Plus they save over 90% of your time taken up by prospecting. Amazing, right?

Chatbots can really help you out with overseas property buyers. Imagine you receive an important e-mail or Facebook message at 3 am. Your chatbot can respond and start engaging customers immediately. When you wake up you can get back to them personally and take the deal to the next level. That’s how you beat time difference.  



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So, what do you think? Are you ready to start marketing to overseas buyers interested in real estate in your city? With today’s technology, everything is possible. And these 5 tools will help you skyrocket your real estate marketing strategy. Give them a try!


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