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6 Facebook Page Optimizations For Realtors To Sell More

June 2, 2017 | By Tracy Rock

If you are a realtor, you know how important social media has become for your business. 80% of real estate searches start online. Facebook is the place where you can find most of your potential buyers and sellers browsing, reviewing and forming opinions they will later act upon.

Your Facebook page or profile can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale. In this post, we will show you how to turn your personal profile or business page into a powerful tool that builds trust attracts potential clients and converts them into buyers.


Here are our top 6 actionable Facebook tips for realtors.


1. Use Keywords

Keywords are very important when it comes to optimising your Facebook page for better exposure and increased sales. Using the right keywords will ensure that your content gets found when people are searching on the platform.

Research words that people would normally use to find local listings and properties for sale. Make a list of specific words and hashtags they would use on social media when it comes to real estate. This way, you can reach exactly the right people — those who are looking to buy.




The secret to being found on Facebook lies in your profile name and description (i.e. your About section). Surprise surprise, but Facebook also

Surprise surprise, but Facebook also works as a browser. That means that when people search the platform for “San Diego house for purchase,” they’ll see results that contain the keywords “San Diego” “House” and “purchase.” This means that if you want to be listed as a relevant result for that search, you need to use the keywords people would search for in your description. Make sure you use the name of the city/cities you operate in, types of properties, and even neighborhoods that potential buyers and sellers would look into move to.




When you have figured out the right words to use, make sure they appear anywhere relevant on your page:

  • include them in your descriptions
  • use them in your copy when posting
  • include them in the name of your profile and cover pictures



Our new article on how to use keywords to get more listings and sales will be out soon. Be the first one to get it and sign up here.



Use keywords in your page name, username and page description

That might sound obvious, but it’s important. Make sure your name and username are the same, and customize the URL address.

Write a detailed description of your brand, and fill in all the information. This is very important, since Facebook gives more exposure to pages that are complete. Again, utilize keywords.




2. Use Powerful Visuals

Right now, video is the hottest and most effective content format on social media. Video posts perform six times better that other types of content. That’s why, as a realtor, this should be your prefered social media format.

Use mesmerizing, high-definition real estate videos to showcase a property — inside and out, and from above. Publish short (30- or 60-second-long) creative videos to showcase all features of a house. Publish 3D virtual tours and walkthroughs to give people a better feel of the homes you sell. Use technology, like animation reels, to show them house layouts floor by floor.


Instagram Insta Cuts


3D Virtual Tours


There are so many creative ways to showcase properties visually, which will help generate more sales.

Tip: Make sure you upload all videos directly on social media. This way they will perform better than simply posting a link to a video — they’ll reach more people and get more views.

Make your page is visually appealing!

Remember: you’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression. Make your Facebook page a visual statement of your brand identity. Pick a profile picture and cover photo that speak to who you are and what you do. Use impressive imagery or a friendly face — it’s always easier for people to relate to other people online, rather than just a logo.

Carefully select what kind of content you publish and how it looks. Good images, well-thought-out colors and great copy will make your page stand out from all the rest.


3. Be Authentic and Win People Over

Authenticity is what builds trust. This is especially true on social media, where people’s primary goal is not to buy, but to have fun and get informed.

As a realtor, you need to show people what you’re really about. This is where content comes in.

Share user-generated content

Every realtor has happy customers and good business relationships. Don’t be afraid to show them. Your customers and business partners are your biggest assets, because they will tell others how great you are. People value these testimonials and personal experiences. Don’t limit yourself to only customer reviews, but invite your clients to share with you their journey of setting up and enjoying their new home. Tell a story! Actually, tell many stories!




Give people reasons to follow you, even if they’re not looking for a property anymore.

Being a realtor is more than just selling houses. You must have a great deal of home-related knowledge; share it with people, and add value to their feed.

Publish content on home decoration or home activities, useful tips when moving house, or simply anything that could be helpful or inspirational to people. Show them you care.




4. Use Facebook Ads

Paid advertising will help you reach more people — especially people who have not yet engaged with your page and content. Ads are great for promoting your business and generating more leads. Don’t worry; you can start with a small budget of just $50/month to test the waters. If done right, Facebook targeting will help you reach people who are looking to buy a property in your area.

Learn Facebook advertising and targeting hacks for pro realtors to reach potential buyers and sellers on social media. Read the article!

5 Facebook Ads Targeting Hacks to Find Property Buyers & Sellers

They even help the organic distribution of your content, because they encourage people to interact with it through likes, comments and shares. Facebook ranks posts higher when more people engage with them.

Use Facebook Ads for lead generation campaigns, product or service promotions, or any other marketing campaign that aims to reach more potential clients.




Use Facebook Insights to see when most of your followers are online, and what types of content they like. Analyze and use the best-performing formats. Also, remember to experiment constantly with content, visuals, copy, and time.


5. Use Facebook Marketplace to Showcase Listings & Make Offers

Facebook Marketplace now lets real estate agents post property listings and make offers. The social media giant’s new feature includes a “Housing” category — great news for realtors, since more that 450 million people all over the worlds use those buy and sell groups.

If you haven’t used it before, give it a shot. It can make a difference for your business.


6. Join Facebook Groups & Become an Active Member

Facebook groups are communities where people exchange information and engage in conversation. So, as a realtor, it is very important for you to find and join a few groups in your area where you can actively participate.

Engaging in conversation, giving people advice on your area of expertise, asking questions, and sharing useful resources can become a great asset to your business, as people start to trust you. Later, they will be much more likely to buy from you.

So, use Facebook search to find a few groups, such as “California Real Estate,” where you can see potential customers to start engaging with.




Another good idea is to join “buy & sell houses” groups in your area, like “San Francisco Rent/Buy/Sell a room/apartment/house/home/condos/property.” This way, you can easily reach people who are ready to buy.

Hope these few points have been helpful to you. Stay tuned because we have many new content pieces for realtors coming up.


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