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5 Social Media Posts Pro Realtors Use To Build Authenticity

June 12, 2017 | By Tracy Rock

Authenticity is important everywhere but especially on social media. Being authentic is what wins the game for many real estate brands simply because social media is the place people connect with other people and brands they can identify with.

Authenticity can be a powerful strategy for brand awareness and sales if you invest in it – time, effort and long-term planning.


So here are 5 types of posts pro realtors use to keep it real on social media.


# Post 1: Helpful Content

Your social media followers are real people with real issues. Be authentic and helpful in providing solutions for them. In the online space you always have to give before you receive – share content that is truly helpful and relatable.

Maybe your followers are looking for a home for the very first time – give them insightful information on what to look out for and where to search. Maybe they are interested in saving up while moving house, or affordable interior design ideas, etc. You must have a great deal of home-related knowledge; share it with people and add value to their feed. Show them there is a reason to follow you even when they are not looking for a new property – they will love and trust you even more for that.




Share links from your website or blog with helpful advice. If you don’t have a blog use Facebook Notes or LinkedIn’s Pulse to provide relevant content, or simply a short video tip.

Being a realtor is more than just selling houses. Show people what you’re really about. Share more of your personal realtor story. Post every-day-in-your-life pictures, problems you are facing, happy and exciting moments. You are a person – don’t be afraid to show it. This is the quickest way to connect with people who follow you.


AFTER THAT: engage with people – reply to their comments, share their posts, mention them when appropriate. Use keywords and hashtags to search and find people who have a question and give them an expert’s opinion. Always try to help. Never try to sell.

Join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and start contributing there on a regular basis. Find people who need help and reply to their questions or contact them personally via message. When contacting people personally always refer to something they’ve posted or a question they have. Let them know you’ve noticed them and you’re here to help.

# Post 2: Videos – Q&A, How-to, Tips, Facebook Live

Videos are a great and quick way to give your followers and potential clients what they need. Make a list of all the problems, questions and doubts people have and express on social media and create a series of videos addressing those issues.

Create a quick Q&A video with all frequently asked questions and share it on your social media account. Make a live facebook streaming from an open house event or show customers around a house or a neighbourhood. Create a video with tips on what to look out for when buying a house. This will build your authenticity and trustworthiness.


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Posted by Cathea Walters Palm Springs Realtor at Paul Kaplan Group on Friday, February 17, 2017

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# Post 3: Stories, stories, stories

Buying a new home can be an exciting journey for you and your customers. Why not tell the story behind it? Share everything – the house hunt, moving out and moving in, the challenges and the many happy moments and smiling faces of people who have found their dream home. User-generated content is a realtor’s biggest asset.


# Post 4: Helpful Resources

Moving can be a challenge enough! Often people just don’t have the time to browse the internet and search for facilities in their new neighborhood. Why not spare them the feeling of being lost and compile a list of all the banks, schools and kindergartens, supermarkets, playgrounds, sport centers, best places to go shopping, eat out, find furniture or anything else that can be helpful to them.

Make a short video of your personal recommendations – after all who knows the neighborhood better than you, right?



# Post 5: How About a Free Call or Consultation Over Lunch or Coffee?

Why not show your followers you care for them and would love to talk to them personally? Offer part of your expertize for free and engage people. Meet with them, answer any questions they have and see your recommendations portfolio grow.




And to get the conversation started why not implement a simple but powerful chatbot like Contact At Once. It will help you engage people right away and keep the conversation flowing.



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These are just a few ways you can build your authenticity as a realtor on social media. Don’t forget that people are looking to connect with other people. Genuinity wins them over and when you invest time and effort in showing them you are authentic and you care, this can be a game changer for you and your business.


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