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5 Facebook Ads Targeting Hacks to Find Property Buyers & Sellers

June 12, 2017 | By Tracy Rock

If you are a realtor in California you should know about Facebook Ads as an important source for potential buyers. These days, Facebook knows a whole lot more about its users than any other advertising platform. And guess what — over 2.5 million of those users are based in California.

Here’s more good news – can reach precisely the right group of people if you follow these simple laser targeting hacks, we will show you below. Let’s get into it.


1. Target people through “Behavior”


“Likely to move”

Facebook’s “Behavior” function gives you amazingly specific sub-categories to target people by. One of them is “Likely to move.” If you are a realtor, that’s the group you’d be most interested in; those people are already looking for a real estate agent.  




Another potential group would be elderly families (Baby boomers) who want to move to a smaller and cheaper house. Filter down this group by choosing the category “Length of residence.”




Zip code

Since you are based in California, simply add the zip codes of the regions where the people you want to reach are located.




Home type & Net worth

You can go even further and target people based on the type of homes they live in or their annual income.






Let’s say you are a realtor in Berkeley, California, and you are specializing in areas of middle-income neighborhoods with Household Incomes (HHI) above $100,000 per year. This would then be your precise target group.

2. Target people through “Life Events”

Certain types of businesses use ad campaigns to sell to people experiencing certain major life events. Real estate agents, for example, want to get in front of people who are newly engaged, married, or have had a baby and are looking for a place to settle down.




The Life Events parameter is unique because you can choose to target people at a specific length of time after the big change — 1 year after having a baby, 6 months after getting engaged, etc.

The options are limitless and can help you target potential buyers and sellers even better.

3. Exclude people by “Job Title”

Excluding people from your target audience is also an important part of the targeting process. As a realtor, you don’t want your competition to see your ads. That’s why excluding them is a good idea.

Use the “Job Titles” category, and simply search for words like “realtor,” “real estate agent,” “real estate broker,” etc. This way, you are eliminating them from your target audience, and your ads will show only to potential home buyers.




You can also exclude by e-mail, location, education, income, etc. — any group of people you don’t want to see your ads.

4. Nurture Leads With Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences are an advanced feature that enable you to connect with your existing contacts on Facebook. Who do you think will respond better to your brand — people who see it for the first time, or people who have already worked with you, know your brand, and trust you?

Custom Audiences help you reinforce your brand identity and increase lifetime customer value, order frequency, and loyalty.




How does it work?

Simply import an Excel spreadsheet with your leads’ emails or phone numbers in CSV or TXT format. Facebook will then create your audience in minutes. Make sure the list contains at least 200-1,000 email addresses/phone numbers.




Another really useful feature is creating your Custom Audience from people who have visited your website (or a specific page on it — like a blog post, an offer or a product) or engaged with content on your Facebook page. Depending on your strategy, you can use any of these features and remarket to your leads and clients.




Again, you can target your existing customers based on job function, annual income, ZIP code, and many more, like living arrangements, marital status, parental status and interests. The options are, staggeringly, a lot.


Custom Audiences also allow you to create personalized ads. You can create an audience of people who have visited a specific property on your website (hence, showed interest) and re-target them with more information, appealing visuals, or an offer, in order to convert them into leads/clients.



Whenever possible, try to use short videos (around 30 seconds) in your ads. Videos are your best friend when advertising on Facebook, because they generate 60% more engagement, get 3x higher reach, and considerably lower the CPC (cost per click). It’s all you could dream of — cheap and effective. Of course, better quality and appealing videos will perform better.


Learn what creative videos pro realtors use to attract Millenials and sell more. Read the article!

4 Creative Videos Pro Realtors Use To Attract Millennials

5. Mirror Your Audience with a Lookalike

Once you’ve gathered an audience of people with а specific buyer profile, you can expand with a Lookalike.

Lookalike audiences help you reach more people who are similar to your Facebook fan base and allow you to reach out to highly-specific profiles.

You have a few options:

  • upload an Excel file with e-mails or phone numbers
  • use a tracking pixel to create a website Custom Audience to mirror

You can choose how big your Lookalike audience should be using the 1-to-10% Similarity Tool. At 1%, Facebook will find users who match exactly the traits of the audience in your target country. At 10%, Facebook will show your ads to users in your target country who are most like your target audience.




Important! Don’t forget the Facebook Pixel. Installing it on your website or blog will help you track every single interaction Facebook users make on your site. Install it on every single page to view and analyze the traffic that is coming in, as well as what actions visitors perform once they’ve reached your website.  




Targeting with Lead Ads

Targeting can make your Lead Ads very powerful and effective. Once you’ve created your exact Custom Audiences, use Lead Ads to re-market to people who have visited your website or engaged with your Facebook page, and convert them into leads.




After such a campaign, you can easily download a CSV file with all the email addresses you’ve collected.

Another way you can use Facebook Lead Ads is to engage with people through surveys. This is an awesome way to generate leads while receiving insightful information about what your audience needs.





  • Use advanced targeting options from Facebook to reach potential property buyers. Target through the “Behavior” option the people likely to move, as well as those with certain zip codes and specific incomes.
  • Use the “Life Events” targeting feature to reach people who are likely to be looking for a new home.
  • Use the “Job Titles” option to exclude your competition.
  • Install Facebook Pixel correctly, and use Custom Audiences to target and retarget people using highly-personalized ads.
  • Use appealing visuals and video whenever possible for better results.
  • Use Lookalike Audience to broaden your reach of relevant people.
  • Use Lead Ads to directly generate leads and get potential clients on the phone.


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