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4 Creative Videos Pro Realtors Use To Attract Millennials

June 12, 2017 | By Tracy Rock

Welcome to the world of Millennial buyers, where visual is king, and hi-tech, authentic video is what gets the most attention. Video is changing the world and the way we communicate. If you are in real estate, get ready to make video content your top priority. Learn how to use it effectively to reach and engage Millennial homebuyers and sellers.  

Read on for the top 5 video formats you can successfully integrate into your marketing strategy and use to generate more leads and sales.


1. Videos that Build Authenticity and Trustworthiness


1.1. Testimonials

User-generated content is a realtor’s biggest asset. Surprise surprise: people trust other people who are not trying to sell them anything, but who are simply sharing a story of their positive experience.

So be wise, and leverage your customers’ happiness and satisfaction with your services by turning it into a testimonial piece. It will show how great you are, and how much help, expertise and positivity you bring to the people who work with you.    


1.2. Community overview

Most people would love to walk through the neighborhood where their dream house is situated. In fact, choosing a neighborhood is key for homebuyers, and often, it’s the first step they take when choosing a house.

So make sure you have a video that shows customers how great the neighborhood is and  the amenities it has, like supermarkets, playgrounds, schools, cafes, shopping centers, etc. Community is key in their decision-making progress.



Aerial videos are a great way to showcase a neighborhood’s best sides.


1.3. How-to and Q&A Videos

Millennial homebuyers and sellers are full of questions and doubts. Buying or selling property is a totally new and unfamiliar experience to them, and it can often be stressful and overwhelming. So offer advice whenever you can. Make sure you create video content that is helpful to them and answers all of their questions in advance. This will build your authenticity and trustworthiness.


2. 3D Virtual Tours

3D virtual tour videos are a great way to find people who already have a genuine interest in a property. These videos give information about a house’s dimensions, floor layering, interior design, and facilities. A tour like this can be very useful in answering a lot of questions a customer has when contacting you.

The amazing visual value of a 3D virtual tour has the potential to draw in customers who are looking for luxurious property and are willing to pay the price. The technology used in those videos can offer an inside look that few agents can give to their customers.

Another amazing way you can use 3D virtual tour videos is with foreign clients who are looking to buy a place in your area, but won’t have the chance to make the journey and come see the house.  

Besides, 3D virtual tours are beautiful and fun to watch!


3. Short Instagram Videos

Millennials are very technological and visual. That’s why they love Instagram and spend a lot of time there. Promoting your business on Instagram is very important, as it will give you the chance to reach Millennials and win them over.  

Instagram gives realtors’ the chance to upload short videos up to 60 seconds. However, the sad reality is that most realtors already use videos that have not been designed for Instagram — videos that are way too long, and not the right size or quality.

We saw this problem, and we wanted to do something about it. That’s why we now offer realtors custom-made Insta Cuts videos — creating and adapting real estate videos specifically for Instagram. At the right size and length, the videos perform way better, and bring the results realtors need.



Building an Instagram strategy around short videos and relevant hashtags Millennial use will make a huge difference. Another good aspect is that you can use these videos in Facebook and Instagram ads that are well-targeted to reach and engage the right audience.

 Learn all keyword hacks that will help you find homebuyers and sellers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Read the article!

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4. Facebook Live Video (open house, sponsored community events, Q&A session)

Why is Facebook Live so good for your business? Well, it simply engages people right away. Live-streamed videos give people a chance to have a look at what you are doing, see what you’re seeing, and experience what you are experiencing right now. They offer an easy and casual way for people to join in with a comment, question or feedback.

You can use Facebook Live very strategically during an open house or community event, while doing a Q&A session or answering people’s questions, and offering help on a specific issue. You can even show people around a house or neighborhood, and do a live walk-through even if they are not physically there. How awesome is that!

The beauty of Facebook Live is that it’s very well-indexed, and it will appear on the feed of all of your followers.


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Posted by Cathea Walters Palm Springs Realtor at Paul Kaplan Group on Friday, February 17, 2017


Finally, have fun providing Millennial buyers with hi-tech, authentic video content. Millennials love to work with people who make them feel comfortable and know what they like and relate to. Follow our advice, and we promise seeing results won’t take long.


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